As the 2017-18 high school sports season is in full strides for the fall, Hope Public Schools has welcomed it's third certified athletic trainer to provide expert training skills, knowledge and safety for the entire Hope athletic program of Nashville native Kristen Busby.

As the 2017-18 high school sports season is in full strides for the fall, Hope Public Schools has welcomed it's third certified athletic trainer to provide expert training skills, knowledge and safety for the entire Hope athletic program of Nashville native Kristen Busby.

She currently is working with all student-athletes during the fall sports season and has made an instinct impact due to her presence of safety training awareness. Mainstreaming sports medicine policies and procedures and keeping all athletes safe is one of her most important principles to obtain as an Athletic Trainer.

"I want to be able to provide the best and highest quality of care that I possibly can through my knowledge and education as a healthcare professional," Busby said.

She's always had a passion for sports and wanting to help athletes stay healthy and enhance their abilities if an injury occurs. Busby's job is demanding, but she feels the need to be in position for the athletes to prevent serious injuries from occurring.

As sports demands a lot of force and hard work performance, it's been very key to have a knowledgable and trained professional to be able to acknowledge the situation fast if someone seek an injury. Thus far, Busby has provided her skills of training and continues to be a major asset to all of Hope athletic programs. As for most athletic trainer's across the world, they have a strong passion and drive for sports. For Busby, it's no different as a former athlete who brings the importance to know how serious injuries may occur for any sport.

Coming from a town with a historic background of success in sports, Busby is apart of some of Nashville's championship teams as a student-athlete in their athletic program. Busby is a 2012 Nashville graduate. She played softball for the Lady Scrapperettes and a member of their championship teams during her sophomore and senior seasons in high school for Nashville.

Among excelling on the diamond in high school, she was as successful in the classroom to achieve many academic accolades. In college, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Athletic Training in 2016 from the University of Central Arkansas. She was at the top of her class in undergrad with a overall GPA of 3.8 and a professional GPA of 3.9. She graduated with a Master's degree in Athletic Administration from Texas A&M University- Commerce in August, 2017, with a overall GPA of 3.8. While getting a masters degree, she lived in Athens, TX and worked as a graduate assistant certified Athletic Trainer at Athens High School before coming to Hope.

As an instructor in the high school classroom, Busby teaches three foundations of Sports Medicine classes and two Sports Medicine Injury Assessment classes daily. Busby said, she assist with the football or sports managers, when it comes to hydration and prevention of injuries through taping extremities such as: taping several ankles, wrists; bracing with providing equipment such as knee braces or ankle braces that athletes can sign out and use.

Other duties include: Sanitation (clean all the water bottles, cooler, tables, floors, and counters) every day; Documentation of injuries and treatments; Recognition, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries; Managing supplies and equipment in the Athletic Training Facility.

Busby will cover all grounds of sports involving football, basketball, soccer, softball, baseball along treatment for athletes participating in track and field, golf and tennis as well.

She'll usually attend the sports that considers to be more dangerous, but will assist to any sport injury that occurs during its fall or spring season.

Among football, Busby will oversee sports in Hope athletics such as tennis, golf, basketball, softball, soccer, baseball and track and field. As football season is currently in session for 2017, Busby attends to the players and during practice and on the sidelines during the games for senior and junior high Hope football teams. She's trying to begin a program for Athletic Training Students to assist her with basic activities such as taping, wound care, cleaning and currently working with the football team managers during games for on hand training skills for the players.

Busby has been very familiar with the Hope and it's a treat to be working in her field of study as a trainer closer to her hometown of Nashville.

"Hope is closer to home for me and one of the only schools in Southern Arkansas that has an athletic trainer on staff besides Magnolia and Texarkana. I felt like Hope would be a great opportunity working as a Head Athletic Trainer and receiving very good experience for a person my age." Busby said.

"The coaches and I already have a pretty strong relationship so far. They have been very helpful in getting me on my feet, we have pretty good communication between all of us, and they trust me to do my job and make necessary decisions. The athletes and I are also building a good rapport and we will continue to establish that trust as the year goes on. The safety and well-being of my athletes is my primary concern as an athletic trainer," Busby said.

Hope head football coach and Co-Activities Director Jay Turley believes Busby has fit right in with the entire athletic program. Turley said Busby is making an impact by her knowledge and skills and work well with the coaches and student-athletes as Hope Public School Athletic Trainer.

"She's done a really good job coming in. She's worked well with us coaches and the kids. She understands the severeness of injuries and the safety of our kids and explains to them and us their She's just a big asset to our program," Turley said.

If any injuries occur, she looks forward to keeping all the student athletes ready, healthy and able to perform to the best of their abilities to perform well for this 2017-18 year.

Busby replaces Emily Martin who served as the 2016-17 Hope Public Schools certified Athletic Trainer for last year's school term.