Hempstead County business owner Greg Jackson stopped by the Hope Star on his way to the Hempstead County Courthouse on Thursday.

Hempstead County business owner Greg Jackson stopped by the Hope Star on his way to the Hempstead County Courthouse on Thursday. Jackson’s order of business? The lifelong resident of Hempstead County was on his way to joining the increasingly crowded race for Hempstead County Judge.
In an interview, Jackson, age 46, said “I’ve done a lot of soul searching on this. While the county isn’t in terrible shape, I believe I can make a positive difference. Folks have approached me with concerns about this race, so I decided this was the time to give it a go.”
Jackson proudly notes he was born and raised in Hope, graduating from Hope High School in 1990, later attending SAU in Magnolia before graduating, of all places, from the University of Arkansas at Hope, when it was still Red River.
“Yes, sir. This is home to me and my family, and I want it to be a better to live for all of us,” Jackson said.
Owner of a construction business, Jackson believes he brings experience and expertise in both the maintenance and building of roads, and he believes his unique knowledge in the field would allow him to deal with the roads “more economically.”
“I think some processes and materials could be used differently, which in the long run, will save the Hempstead County taxpayer some money and get these roads taken care of; that is what I understand in one of the County Judge’s main responsibilities,” Jackson said.
As Jackson was en route to the courthouse to file, he said he was filing to run as a Republican, putting him in a deep GOP primary field with the incumbent Haskell Morse as well a Jerry Crane, both of whom are also running as Republicans.
Two other previously declared candidates for Hempstead County Judge are Spring Hill’s Ken Harvel and Hope Democratic candidate Allen Flowers.
Jackson, who resides nine miles outside of Patmos, said “I drive these county roads to work everyday and home everyday.”
Jackson’s wife, Christy, is an RN at the Hempstead County Health Unit; his oldest daughter is a graduate from SAU in Magnolia in Elementary Education, while his youngest daughter is currently attending Garrett Memorial Christian School.
Undaunted by the challenges ahead of him, Jackson said “I am not a politician; I am just a hometown guy trying to make good and make things better for my family and my neighbors. I feel confident that the voters will make a wise decision, the right decision for Hempstead County.”
Similar to sentiments expressed by at least two other candidates, Jackson is also concerned with economic development in the county.
“To me, this is real simple. If folks don’t have a place work — a good paying job — then, they are not going to hang around here long.  What ever role I can take in getting more jobs here as County Judge, I am going to do it. I work for a living myself, I understand,” he said.
Jackson initially made his announcement on Monday on his Facebook page. Prior to a career change to construction, he was trained and had a career in the medical field. His degree from UA-Hope was in Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy, and he worked at the old Medical Park Hospital as well as Marshall’s Home Medical. After a brief partnership, Jackson has run his own construction business since 2007.