A number of familiar faces in statewide and congressional offices filed for re-election on Thursday, the opening day of the 2018 filing period. Filing continues until Thursday, March 1.

A number of familiar faces in statewide and congressional offices filed for re-election on Thursday, the opening day of the 2018 filing period.  Filing continues until Thursday, March 1.
As recorded by the Secretary of State’s office at 5:00 p.m. the following regional and local candidates filed papers, including incumbent Christi McQueen for Prosecuting Attorney, District 08-North; Angilynn Taylor, challenger, for Prosecuting Attorney, District 08-North; incumbent Larry Teague for State Senate District 10; and incumbent Danny Watson for State Representative District 3.
On opening day, Teague nor Watson drew any opposition as the Hope Star was preparing for press Thursday night.  The Prosecuting Attorney, District 08-North office covers both Hempstead and Nevada counties.  
At 1:00 p.m. Thursday, Governor Asa Hutchinson formally filed the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State to run for re-election. Hutchinson issued the following statement:
“I am delighted to run for a second term as your Governor. When I became your Governor I promised a new day in Arkansas. We have made tremendous strides in the last three years by lowering income taxes, creating a business-friendly environment, reforming our state government to become smaller and more efficient, and implemented computer coding into every Arkansas high school. I have fulfilled my promises that I made when you first elected me but there is much more to be done and new goals to be set. Today I ask for your vote to build upon conservative principles for four more years.”
Fourth Congressional District Congressman Bruce Westerman of Hot Springs, who represents both Hempstead and Nevada counties, also filed for re-election to a third term. In his statement, Westerman said “I am honored to run for re-election as congressman from the Fourth Congressional District of Arkansas. Serving the people of the Fourth District has been a privilege, and we have accomplished much in the last three years.”
Westerman, who was in Hope on Monday night, also said, “There is much left to do, and that is why I am running for a third term. We must make the tax cuts permanent and continue to fight Democratic efforts to overturn all we have accomplished this Congress. We must stand up for families. We must continue to unwind the massive government agencies created and expanded during the Obama administration that have done nothing but make it more expensive to purchase a home, start a business, and pay for medical care.”
Filing against Westerman on Thursday was Democratic challenger Hayden Catherine Shamel, also of Hot Springs.
Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan also filed for re-election Thursday for a second four-year term, and he issued the following statement.
“Over four years ago when I first ran for this office, I made the voters of Arkansas several pledges if elected, I would: Earn the best returns for the citizens of Arkansas from their tax-dollars in hopes that every additional dollar I was able to earn would be one less tax dollar needed from them; bring a renewed focus on administering, promoting and growing the Arkansas 529 college investing plan; champion putting financial literacy back in our schools; stand with Israel; and support our veterans.”