At the December meeting of the Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society, “members only” were appreciated and thanked for their hard work throughout the year, with snacks, refreshments, and special door prizes of poinsettias.
The format for the day was three roundtable discussion topics. Each topic lasted 30 minutes before moving to a new table and topic. Mitzi Hunter led a discussion on DNA testing. She shared information on the three main DNA offerings from Ancestry DNA, 23 and Me, and Family Tree DNA.
Attendees could view the reports and results that each company provides, as well as hear of their holiday sales.
GEDCOM transfers were demonstrated by Barbara Pinkney. Most genealogists have created family trees in GEDCOM form. Since some programs have been discontinued over the years, genealogists need to learn how to move those files to new company software programs without re-entering every piece of data from 20 years of research. Pinkney taught the group how to do so.
“How to Overcome Your Brick Walls” was the discussion in the third group, led by Kay Cantrell and Susan Read. Interaction among participants produced many inspiring techniques for reaching conclusions in difficult brick walls.
The next meeting of the Hot Springs Village Genealogical Society will be 2 p.m Thursday, Jan. 5 at the Coronado Center in room 6. The public is welcome to attend.