Think about this. If you have a valid complaint about golf such as watered sand traps, wet surroundings by greens, wet fairways, broken sprinklers or bad tee boxes, the best avenue for public expression is the Voice and not the golf committee. That way you can be chastised by people calling you a whiner the next week.
If you bring that same issue to the committee, no one will care, not even the director. We play the courses three to four times a week and the director would intimate we are mistaken. Where did we go wrong?
Since Troon has a new three-year contract, where are we headed with complaints? If owners didn’t mention short-comings (blow the whistle), imagine where we would be. I don’t have a clue anymore. It is very different now versus 16 years ago.
One thing is for sure, now with Troon in charge we will have to buy all supplies and equipment from them. They are here to make money and us to save such. Why with all the purported openness from the POA and CEO don’t we have a bottom line accounting +/- for the last two years?
Not counting the money from walk-ins or other agencies. Is Troon still bringing in their regional agronomist into the fold at an elevated cost? How could we not challenge the POA to reveal the bottom line? Troon may very well deserve to be here, I just don’t have the numbers.
All you naysayers have a go at this article. The CEO and POA should seriously consider who the golf committee works for. It formerly was the voice of the golfers and not solely for the director.

Bill Krautkramer
Hot Springs Village