Property Owners’ Association public works/utilities committee members received updates last week on culverts, manholes, mowing and more
Committee chairman Jim Patton told members manhole rehabilitation work is underway (see photo) and he is hopeful the project will be completed in March.
POA public works director Bill Staggs outlined upcoming culvert work on DeSoto Boulevard.
Ten culverts, some as big as 48 inches, will be repaired in four separate locations.
Staggs said culverts will have a concrete lining inside the pipe, approximately one-inch thick and running the entire length of the pipe. He decided not to use the “push in” type of repair and said this new concrete liner will have a smooth, rather than corrugated, surface, which will help the flow of water through the culvert.
The work will take place between mile markers nine and 10 and will use the entire $245,000 budgeted amount. The work will take approximately one month to finish.
In other discussion, Staggs said mowing is 85 percent complete.
He added that in dealing with contractors in the future, he’d like to see a “bid bond” arrangement in place.
Committee member Jim Mahan spoke about recycling in Hot Springs Village, a matter his subcommittee has been looking into. Mahan said it’s a Village hot button. “We’re eventually going to have to have recycling in the Village,” said Mahon as he explained details about funding and costs, and that such a program would likely need subsidizing because there is little money to be made in recycling.
Vice chairman Leonard Binstock addressed issues with roads, noting areas where work has taken place that resulted in dips in the road.
Do we have a compactor, he asked. Staggs said the POA has a flat plate tamper for compaction.
Dangerous golf cart crossings were also mentioned. Committee member A.C. Watts said that if nothing is done at these areas, eventually someone will get hurt – an accident is inevitable.
Patton also brought up something that was noticed when doing road inspections for future pavement planning.
At the ends of some remote, vacant Village roads, street lights are on. Should we turn them off to save money, he asked. Staggs said he’s looking into that and shared with the committee that the POA is billed $7.20 by First Electric and $4.25 by Entergy Arkansas per light each month.
The public works/public utilities committee meets again at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 22 at Coronado Center. The subcommittee meetings take place from 8 a.m. until noon on Dec. 15 at the Village water plant.