While the Supreme Court justices have not resolved our case yet, it is worthwhile to consider the consequences of their imminent decision.
You may remember the recent vote [dividing us into two groups: a majority group (non-resident property owners), and a minority group (resident property owners), asking us to approve a 100-percent assessment fee increase for the minority group only], which triggered the lawsuit. This act was a gerrymander specifically designed to obtain an increase in operating income. It’s not clear whom our elected representatives were representing here, but certainly not those who voted them in. Unfortunately the disparity created by the vote remains in perpetuity, allowing the majority to impose its will on the minority whenever it is in their interest to do so.
There is also the strange arrangement allowing an issue to be voted on more than once (if the outcome is not satisfactory) in which the rules are altered each time the vote is held.
We can only hope that the justices will see this for the farce that it is. Otherwise the minority group will pay and pay and pay.

Robert Scheer
Hot Springs Village