As transitions from Tuesday's election continue, locally a pair of developments were announced during the week.

As transitions from Tuesday’s election continue, locally a pair of developments were announced during the week.
Newly elected Dist. 3 State Representative Danny Watson landed a key assignment on the highly influential House Tax Committee, which will play a key role in the state’s budget the next two years as well as a proposed $50 million tax cut that Gov. Asa Hutchinson proposed on Wednesday.
In a short stop by the Hope Star Friday, Watson said he had believed he was going to be tabbed for the House Transportation committee, when instead, he got the call from House Speaker Jeremy Gillam on Thursday for a seat on the revenue panel.
“I got the call and said ’10-4,” Watson said, “I’m very excited and honored to serve in this capacity as a freshman legislator.”
Watson’s position on the panel because all the more critical in some respects, when it was also announced Thursday that 11 senior Democrats also took seats on the 20-member committee, which ironically gives the minority party the majority on the panel.
Watson said he had received congratulations by phone in a short conversation with outgoing State Representative Brent Talley, which he described as “very cordial and gracious.”
Watson will be formally sworn in office in a ceremony in Little Rock in January.
In Hempstead County, newly-elected Justice Mikki Curtis, who defeated Larry Byers, said she is looking forward to serving the residents of Quorum Court District 7 in a statement Wednesday afternoon.
"I would like to thank the citizens of District 7 for electing me to represent them on the Quorum Court.  I am honored to be their voice and to be able to assist in helping our county become a better place to live and work.  I am excited about the upcoming year as we all work together on common sense solutions to make Hope and Hempstead County a great place to call home,” Curtis said.
The wife of UA-Hope's Communications Coordinator Casey Curtis, Mikki Curtis, is employed by the Fountain Lake Charter School as Asst. Principal in Hot Springs, but she said Wednesday that she plans to remain a resident in Hempstead County and will serve on the Hempstead County Quorum Court.
Curtis, a Republican, had been employed as Asst. Principal at Hope High School during the GOP primary in March, when she won the right to face Democratic incumbent Larry Byers in Tuesday’s General Election in a race that was fairly quiet.
In District 8, another Republican, C. David Clayton, upset Democratic incumbent Ronnie Kidd 676-235; the two met and participated in the Hope Star’s 2016 Candidate Townhall.
The sole survivor of the Democrats and incumbents on the ballot in Tuesday’s election was District 5 Justice Olen Dorman, who won the vote count against Eric McNeil 357-to-181, but McNeil had already announced that he was moved out of the district over the summer.