I wanted to give a big thank-you to Mary Ann and Tom Kennedy for their interest in my golf course articles concerning overwatered courses in the Village. Your letter helps keep interest in this subject in the news.  
As for Ray Metz, I’m not bothering him at all. He told several golfers that he doesn’t pay any attention to articles in the paper.
He also doesn’t pay attention to golfers who walk into his office or call him on the phone complaining about the overwatered courses, as many have done.
How can a golf director perform his duties if he doesn’t pay attention to the people who pay his salary? Beats me.  
My solution to this problem is simple. The golf department should put a survey online and let the golfers decide if the courses are overwatered. After all, they are our courses. That way I wouldn’t have to waste my time with these negative articles.
Our only complaint is too much water on the courses. You don’t have to cut the water off completely, just cut back. Besides, all I’m trying to do is make “Hot Springs Village great again.” Thanks again.  

Gary Curtis,
AKA LeeRoy Trevino
Hot Springs Village