The Hope Public School Board approved a $16 million annual budget at its Monday meeting.

The Hope Public School Board approved a $16 million annual budget at its Monday meeting. The proposed budget included Salary Fund Expenditures of $10,700,000; Instructional Expenses of $2,800,000; Maintenance and Operation Expenses of $3,000,000; Pupil Transportation Expense of $1,300,000, and other Operating Expenses of $200,000. Also in the budget were non-bonded Debt Payment in the total of $10,000; a bonded Debt Payment of $1,250,173; Building Fund Expense of $500,000, and the Dedicated Maintenance and Operation Expense in the amount of $0. There were a total of 34.7 mills of school tax and this represents no change from the previous year, according to paperwork submitted to the board. The total tax levy proposed includes 25 mills for the maintenance and operation of schools, 0 dedicated maintenance and operation mills, and 9.7 mills for debt service previously voted as a continuing debt service tax pledged for the retirement of existing bonded indebtedness. The district may use surplus revenues produced each year by debt service millage for other purposes. A change in the student handbook was discussed and tabled until the next meeting. The ninth grade academy location change was also discussed and set for the next meeting. The Board approved a resolution that Summit Bank would be the banking institution that the Hope Public School Board would deal with in financial matters. Next discussed was the certified personnel policy presented by Bennie Lard, which included job descriptions, personnel records, suspensions and administrative actions, personnel working conditions, health examinations, vacation leave, professional leave, educational incentive pay, and recruitment were discussed and changes were made to policy, by approval of the board. The construction report was given and the wet spring has taken its toll on construction progress at Hope High School. Between April 24 and May 17, there was a little over 4.5 inches of rain, according to the report. Three resignations were accepted in the personnel section of the agenda. Krissy Thomason, who is employed at CPS, resigned her position; Emmanuel Keith, an Algebra 1/Geometry teacher at Hope High School, resigned his position; and LeAnne Magness also resigned her position. All three resignations were approved. Clinton Primary School summer school staff was approved, including pre-kindergarten teachers Ashley Elliott, Mary Irvin, and Donna Tarpley; K-1 teachers Robin Bobo, Mandy Lafferty, and Margrett Starling; and first-second grade teachers Doris Kesterson, Stephanie Phillips, and Amy Tollison; second-third grade teachers Cynthia Murphy and Tina Smith; and third-fourth grade teachers Natalie Clark and Kelly Cornelius. Paraprofessionals include Linda Dunn, Cassandra Graham, Norma Haynes, Joyce Lester, Gail McClenton, Pat Nelson, and Terry Whitley. Librarian Laura Gray, and special education teachers Louise Collins, teacher; Bonester Moore, paraprofessional, and Linda Thomas, paraprofessional, were also employed. Gabriella Coy was selected as summer school interpreter/translator at Beryl Henry Elementary School. Beryl Henry Summer School Coordinator Cleytus Coulter, will be assisted by teachers Deanna Davis, Sonji Flemons, Bennie Lard, Margaret Moss, Gwen Newton, Susan Nix, Shirley Potts, Brenda Powell, Terri Turner, and Kimberly Green. Tisha Hunter hired as the literacy instructional facilitator.