A trio of people have expressed interest in purchasing parts of the old Emmet school building.

A trio of people have expressed interest in purchasing parts of the old Emmet school building. Billy Lee, superintendent of the Blevins School District, told the Blevins School Board, at its March meeting, because of changing laws, the district will have to have the buildings appraised and surveyed. He presented a plot map, which split the property up so it could be sold in parcels and not as one piece. Lee said one person wants to purchase four rooms to make into a community center for Emmet. Later on, he told the board, this same person would like to buy the gym. Another interested party, he said, wants to turn the library into a duplex and rent it out. Emmet Mayor Dale Booker, he said, also wants to buy part of the property. The City of Emmet, he added, owns the tornado shelter. The property will be separated into eight parcels, so when the surveying is done, it can be done on each individual section. Lee said the district needs to know what the fair market value of the property is, hence the need for an appraisal. In addition, he said, the Blevins district has been approached about selling the baseball field. According to Lee, the prospective buyer wants to turn it into a trailer park. What isn't sold, he told the board, can be razed and salvaged. The board approved getting the property appraised and surveyed. The board also approved starting work on improving the school's playground in conjunction with the City of Blevins. A $10,000 joint use grant has been obtained to do this. The reason behind improving the playground is it has deteriorated and there are hazardous areas. By working with the city, the playground will also be available as a park for Blevins residents. Lee said the money is already in hand and the work needs to begin. The district and city will provide in-kind labor so the actual cash can be used to buy supplies and equipment for the project and playground. In other business, the board named Cindy Heagwood as the district's technology coordinator. Heagwood will continue teaching music as well as taking care of the district's technology equipment.