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  • Dogs maul elderly woman

  • A woman who began the simple task of walking her son's dogs Thursday was taken to the hospital after the dogs turned on her and attacked.
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  • A woman who began the simple task of walking her son's dogs Thursday was taken to the hospital after the dogs turned on her and attacked. Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton said the woman ended up with severe bite marks and puncture wounds on her torso and arm and was transported to Christus St. Michael's Hospital in Texarkana. Gwendolyn Smith, 73, of 1215 Hempstead 25, was already being treated by Pafford EMS when Hempstead County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Dunham arrived on the scene, after being dispatched to the scene shortly before 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Singleton said. He said Ms. Smith told Dunham that she was walking her son's two Rottweiler dogs. She stated that one of the dogs jumped on her and started biting her. Singleton said Smith also stated that the second dog then started attacking her, as well. She said that she was able to get away from the dogs and get into her house and call 911. Smith told Dunham that her son lived in Mississippi and that she has been watching the dogs for him. Smith told Dunham that the dogs were still outside somewhere, according to his report. Dunham located the spot where the dogs attacked the woman and they were still there, approximately 70 yards south of the residence. Deputy Dunham observed two Rottweiler dogs, approximately 110 pounds each, Singleton said. The deputy walked toward the dogs and attempted to catch them, he said. The dogs started growling at Dunham, according to the report, and became aggressive towards him. The deputy shot and killed the dogs down with a departmental weapon, Singleton said. Dunham then transported the bodies of both dogs to a local veterinary clinic to be sent off and tested for any disease. The two dogs had collars, however, no rabies tags were affixed, according to Singleton. A telephone number on the dogs' collars was contacted and the person on the phone identified himself as Maxamillion Odom, of Nashville, and the owner of the dogs, Singleton said. He said Odom also stated that Smith was his mother. According to Odom, his mother was being treated at a Texarkana hospital and would recover. According to dispatch traffic, EMS advised Dunham that ,due to the injuries, they were going to fly Smith by LifeNet to St. Michael's in Texarkana; however, due to weather conditions LifeNet could not fly, and Pafford EMS transported her to St. Michael's by ground ambulance. Smith was admitted to Christus St. Michael Hospital, but her condition was not available at press time Friday.
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